Stewardess Tina captivated by the Viola

Viola Trawler Post

1st February 2019

A stewardess who has visited South Georgia on the Royal Research Ship Discovery contacted the Viola Trust to tell of her delight at receiving the Viola book as a Christmas gift.

Tina Mantinha, who comes from Portugal, works for the Natural Environment Research Council and sailed to Grytviken during 2018 on the Discovery.

She recognised the Viola because she had lived in Hull for about 10 years and had heard some of the story, so she asked colleagues to take a picture of her next to the ship.

Tina, who has now transferred to the RRS James Cook, wrote: “I got a wonderful Christmas gift, the Viola book which I’m reading with excitement and sadness. I had a great pleasure to visit South Georgia and to see all three ships there on the same place which is described on the book .

“Petrel probably in better condition than the Viola or Albatros, but they all still there. If I could do anything to help to bring Viola back to home, I would do.”

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